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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Game Revival 2006

Actually there's not much game out for this month. But, one game 'hell' unforgetable..still I can smell those crazy fans out there. The Frozen Throne fever!! Now dude, give your comment,review or whatever. Can we say this legendary game as Game of the Month for this first issue? Unforgetable memories of War Craft III:The Frozen Throne..right? But some people however said "Frozen Throne is not so great for me". Two friend of mine said Frozen Throne is a jerk. Maybe we should suggest something else like legendary road runner, Need For Speed Underground 2 from EA. I still remember the challenges to customized my Honda Civic. Engine tuning, car bodies...everything man. Now, driver better fasten your belt. We gonna rock this month issue!!

December 05 : Game of the Month

This wonderful game created by Ubisoft are about the Prince of Persia and the Sands of Time. It such a complete recipe of warrior story. Full of acrobatic moves, stunts and mystery. Have you guys play this? Come on, it gamers review time!!

Star Wars : Empire at War

Now you are mister commander. Experience new excitement in the journey of space with this new strategy game from Lucas. Rebel, empire strengthen and galaxy war based on Episode III and IV in the awaken of Jedi. To those Star Wars wannabe out there, light on your galaxy!!

World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 International

The best and ever world 'real' soccer game now are ready to rush our adrenaline again. Updated with new animation and club info,this game are now available online with new upgraded network engine. New leagues with new clubs bring new excitement in this most dreamed game. Guess what?? Now Chelsea's or not regardless Arsenal's fanatic fan can play their favourite team in PC,Xbox and Playstation 2. Seriously, a lot of new function added in this version, two new position; Wing Back and Second Top bring unforgetable match to you console. Soccer fanatic fan out there, grab your 2006 new year present on February!

MyMsg : New Review In Town!

Hey Dude,
Welcome to GamezView Issues #1. New hot game are in town, man! Check our friends comment here..We Share and We Play. Actually, We Play and We Share also can. It's up to this blog is all yours guys. Check it out!! Roger and Out.